June ’14: Drinks & Dishes


Victory Hall & Parlor and Little Skillet
DrinkBuffalo Soldier
Dish: Chicken & Waffles
Do: Happy Hour, Bar Snacks, Brunch
 Design: Casual, Cozy
Bar Design: Dark & Musty

Il Casaro
North Beach
Dish: Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Do: Dinner, Date Night, Take Out
Design: Light & Airy, Casual

Smokestack @ Magnolia Brewing Company
Dish: House-made Beef Jerky
Do: Happy Hour, Dinner
Design: Dark & Musty

Hayes Valley
Dish: Greek Fries with Extra Yogurt Sauce
Do: Lunch, Dinner, Quick Bites
Design: Light & Airy, Casual

Chubby Noodle
Dish: Hot Fried Wild Snapper
Do: Dinner, Out with Friends
Design: Loud & Bustling, Cozy

Il casaro pizza
{Quattro Formaggi Pizza at Il Casaro}


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