Cheese Platters


My love affair with cheese began at a young age  and was only further fueled by my mother’s fondue recipe (growing up, it was the perfect post-ski indulgence), six month study abroad adventure in Paris (although, let’s be honest, I had a love affair with just about everything while I was there) and affinity for good wine – cheese just makes it better.

Last week, I hosted a cheese tasting with a few friends as a mid-week excuse to gorge on some seriously delicious fromage. While it wasn’t an exceptionally educational experience – I plan to do a deep dive into the different cheese families later this summer – it was a great way to try a wide variety of local and seasonal options. Of course, we included some prosciutto and salumi because, as cheese does for wine, cured meats do for, well…. a more holistic image of six women pretending their apartment is a rustic Tuscan villa atop rolling hills and vineyards. A girl can dream, right?

cheese 5

We split a delicious bottle of Tofanelli Zinfandel (my best friend’s favorite wine, who, since visiting their tasting room in Calistoga, has nothing short of sung their praises) and spent the better part of three hours noshing our way through, what I hope to be the first of many more cheese tastings to come.

Cheese Platter

Cowgirl Creamery ~ Pierce Point Seasonal Cheese
Artequeso ~ Manchego Cheese
Cypress Grove Chevre ~ Midnight Moon Aged Goat Gouda
*Favorite of the Evening*
Classic Truffled Gouda
Classic Camembert Cheese

cheese 2

cheese 4


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