May ’14: Drinks & Dishes

In an effort to track my favorites restaurants and bars throughout the city (the grown-up in me decided it was time to clean up my hilariously large spreadsheet in a way that was easier to share and well…organized), I’ve decided to start a monthly list of spots that I’ve visited and loved.

May D&DMy mission is two-fold: first, my biggest hope is to offer those of you who enjoy eating out, an easy way to pick your next culinary adventure. Second, I plan to, oh so selflessly, justify my outrageous food budget on the basis that I am improving the lives of others. Noble, I’m aware.

Disclaimer: if food and beverage consumption is not directly correlated to your overall happiness, please feel free to stop reading now.

Some spots will be new (to the city or to me) and many will be old favorites. I hope you enjoy, eat well and if nothing else, find this as an excuse to dine & drink in good company!

The Square
North Beach
Dish: Gougeres filled with fromage blanc & dill, Whole Pan-Seared Trout
Do: Dinner, Date Night & Cocktails
Design: Modern

Third Rail
Drink: Third Rail, Tally Ho
Dish: Jerk Jerky, Spicy Beef Candy, Vadouvan Veg Jerky
Do: Happy Hour
Design: Dark & Musty

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous
Delight: Peanut Butter Brittle Cookie, Sweet Cream Ice Cream
Do: Afternoon Treat, Just Because
Design: Cozy, Light & Airy

The Mill
Delight: Nutella Toast
Do: Coffee Break, Work from Home
Design: Light & Airy, Outdoor Patio

4505 Burgers & BBQ 
Dish: The Presidential (serves 6)
Do: Lunch, Take-Out
Design: Cozy, Casual, Outdoor Patio

~ Out of Town Options ~

Pizzeria Locale
Denver, CO
Dish: Build Your Own Pizza, Classics: Crudo Pizza
Do: Lunch, Dinner, Take-Out
Design: Light & Airy, Casual, Modern

afterlight (5)
toasts at The Mill}


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