Austin: Discovered

austin 4
graffiti mural outside Jo’s Hot Coffee, South Congress}

After a weekend of eating, sun tanning, beer drinking and music listening in what I now consider to be my favorite Texan city (sincerest apologies, Dallas & Fort Worth), I’m back in the pleasantly chilly Bay Area and already reminiscing about the two short days I spent exploring all that Austin has to offer. Turns out, Austinites are serious experts in the outdoor bar & patio arena and, dare I say it, rival San Franciscans when it comes to the foodie restaurant scene.

austin 6
birthday dinner menu at Swift’s Attic}

To say we were warmly welcomed would be an understatement. Be it the restaurant servers, shop keepers or pedicab drivers (I’m certain that anyone who rides these is considered the ultimate tourist…we embraced that title in a big way), there was a genuine kindness that emulated throughout the city.

We kicked off the weekend with a delicious dinner at Qui followed by our first roadside food truck experience outside the bustling bars on West 6th. I don’t know what Southerners put in their recipes but cheese fries and BBQ pulled pork just taste better in Texas…and at 2am.

Saturday was spent brunching (a verb I feel should be coined the mascot of Austin’s food scene) at Moonshine Restaurant and leisurely meandering the main drag of South Congress. That evening, we ate at Swift’s Attic, a new favorite restaurant I will surely be adding to my list of recommended go-to spots for Texan-bound travelers. While rarely one to rave about anything that looks, feels or tastes even remotely like popcorn, I was pleasantly surprised to find that (in addition to the birthday cake, chocolate mousse and peanut brittle sherbet) I was able to muster enough room to stomach their butter popcorn gelato. Yum. Just yum.

austin 3
{TOMS rustic store & new coffee roastery, South Congress}

Thirteen slightly overdressed women, a few hours of live music and countless honey-we’re-not-in-California-anymore looks later, we found ourselves wandering back, once again, to Rainey Street (by its charm and quaintness, if you had told me time had frozen in the 1930’s, I would have believed you) for a late Sunday lunch.

It was a quick trip and one that could have warranted a few extra days of exploration. That being said, and as the famous phrase goes, all good things must come to an end….and this certainly was a wonderful way to close out 24 years of life and usher in what I believe will be a pretty epic 25th.

austin 5
{favorite cafe atmosphere}

{live music at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden}

austin 1
{gals weekend getaway}


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