Texan Wish List: Austin

In about a month, I’m headed to Austin to celebrate the big 2-5 with a bunch of girlfriends. To say I know anything about Texas would be generous (the extent of my knowledge consists of one long weekend in Fort Worth two years ago and a dear friend who lives in Dallas) so when I chose Austin for my birthday destination, I did so based on a wide array of assumptions, hopes and stereotypes that claim this town to be a San Francisco look-alike and, according to this hilarious article, a “be yourself” city.

austin travel checklist

We’ve only given ourselves two days to explore so I expect it to be jam-packed – luckily for me, my family has trained me well for such “get in, get out” types of trips (I can’t remember a single vacation growing up where we spent more than 3 days in any given location…no, not even Hawaii).

Realistically speaking, I’m sure the majority of our trip will center around finding the best eats in town (I’m lucky that most of my friends appreciate a good meal). That being said, I’m very much looking forward to doing an equal amount of lazy meandering, cowboy boot shopping (as previously mentioned, I chose Austin for many stereotypical reasons. Case in point.), whiskey drinking (I’m not lucky in that most of my friends do not appreciate said spirit), country music listening and southern charm absorbing.

While two days won’t be nearly enough to hit all these spots, I’m all about options. After all, busy is always better than bored.

La Condesa
could this be Austin’s version of Tacolicious? 
Swift’s Attic
they describe their food as whimsical … I’m already a fan
a little taste of Thailand in Texas
Paggi House
outdoor brunching…I think our Sunday morning activity has been decided for us
Noble Sandwiches
i’ll take one Noble Pig and a PBLT, please
East Side Kings
Top Chef Paul Qui’s food truck (sooo SF of him)

East Side Showroom
bourbon cocktails + live music. Enough said.
this spot teeters on my eat & drink wishlist as its been recognized as phenomenal for both
craft cocktails and an outdoor bar – looks unassuming but word has it, the drinks are pricey
to balance out the cocktails, this bistro offers an all-French wine list

Barton Springs Pool
take an afternoon dip in this pool fed from underground springs
University of Texas at Austin
we may have already graduated, by what’s to say we can’t relive our glory days by checking out the campus
DOMY Bookstore
food for the wanna-be literature buff in me
Feathers Boutique
for my cowboy boot purchase (apparently South Congress street is home to many great boutiques)

If you’ve ever been to Austin, I’d love to hear your reactions, favorite spots and/or suggestions!


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