Hike, Eat & Ponder

hike 4

When I tell people that I grew up in Oakland, went to university in Palo Alto and have lived in San Francisco since graduation, most tend respond with a “wow, don’t you want to see something else?” or “it’s a shame you have never experienced true seasons” (really though, is it that big of a shame that I haven’t had the pleasure of living through the arctic winter that has so rudely graced the better half of the East Coast?). My first thought is usually one of the following:

a) They are so right. I need to move to another city immediately
b) Hmm, maybe I should take a vacation to see what else is out there
c) That 6 month study abroad in Paris was amazing…so was that summer in Copenhagen…
d) Well, business school is a great excuse to try out something new
e) Given that I consider a ‘harsh’ winter any day below 50ºF , there is a 0% chance I will be moving out of this city

This past weekend, my best friend and I spent our Sunday hiking the Tennessee Valley Trail and lunching at the Pelican Inn at Muir Beach. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to get out of the city and kick up some dust atop the mountain. During the 6.6 mile hike, we got on the topic of having lived in the same place our whole lives (she grew up in Templeton, just outside of San Luis Obispo) and whether or not we did, in fact, need to test the waters in another city. Her opinion? A resounding “no!” Mine? Somewhere between choices a) and e).

Change is always hard, especially when living in one of the most gorgeous places in the world. That being said, I have to wonder if a time will come when I get the itch to move…and when that itch comes, what the lucky city will be.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to explore some more of these hikes (all of which end at a restaurant destination, of course) and enjoy the spring weather!

hike 3
{beautiful vines outside the Pelican Inn}

hike 1
{up, up, up}

hike 2
view from the top}


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