Spring Countdown

One week from today, the spring season officially kicks off.

Granted, this year’s “winter” has been virtually nonexistent so celebrating a season that signals the beginning of thawing icicles seems, I admit, a bit silly. That being said, spring is one of my favorite seasons (not too hot but not too cold and with just the right amount of blossoming flowers and chirping birds) so I fully intend to raise a glass of crisp white wine to what I hope to be a beautiful few pre-summer months…with some predictable fog-filled and drizzly days sure to weasel their way in there too.

In honor of said weather, or for us season-neutral San Franciscans, mentality shift, I’m preparing to transition my daily wardrobe (spring cleaning is a very real thing), find some seasonally inspired recipes and plan a few weekend trips…not that I really need another excuse for any of those changes.

Hope you’re all enjoying the last few days of winter chill (for all those still braving the Arctic cold, consider planning your weekend trip out to the warm West)!

Spring-spirations final

Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Beau Handbag
Rebecca Taylor Lace Dress
warning: unless you have self control, do not go through the Spring 2014 lookbook
Barbara Bui Coral Leather Jacket
Seychelles Thyme Wedges

Spring-spirations final 2

Mind & Health
Relax, decompress and turn off your phone ~ Spa day at Cavallo Point
Stay sane without the tourists in the wine country ~ Napa’s best off-the-beaten-track wineries
Outdoor picnicking ~ you can read about some of my favorite spots here

Spring-spirations final 3

Dark Chocolate Donuts
Ahi Tun & Avocado Toasts
Grilled Apricots with Country Ham, Burrata & Arugula
Strawberry Rhubard Pie


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