Photography Musings

There is something I find oddly soothing about looking at beautifully taken photographs of food, decorated venues or home decor. I know most people would find solace in photos of beach side sunsets or rolling Tuscan hills (and this is certainly not to say I don’t enjoy, appreciate and crave to live my life in both of those settings) but the image of an evening garden party, rustic baguette or deconstructed lunch platter conjure up the most vivid memories of warmth, laughter and gatherings with friends and family.

As I’ve continued to learn the ins and outs of my Nikon SLR camera (a purchase I made after taking a B&W photography course and falling into complete obsession with the process – the dark room is quite possibly the most underrated stress reliving environment), I’ve begun to appreciate photography in a whole new light…pun intended.

In playing with different apertures, depths of field and occasion settings, I’ve found the trickiest part in achieving the perfect shot is the lighting (a realization which I’m sure would warrant a “duh” from most professional photographers). As it turns out, the soft light given off around dusk not only makes our skin look better, but makes food, greenery and well, pretty much everything else look better too.

One of my favorite bloggers, Paris in Four Months (for those who know me, let’s pretend this comes as surprise), has some of the most beautiful photographs…not to mention she draws her inspiration from my favorite city in the world.

Here are some of my favorite shots that have had me ooing and ahhing lately. Enjoy!

four months in paris table setting
four months in paris ~ Saint-Germain-des-Prés}

a house in the hills ~ raspberry chia jam}

{fresh exchange ~ rustic evening}

Food snapshot
with a little help from my Nikon D3200…my own attempt at food styling}


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