Big Eat 2014: My List

7×7 has, once again, released their much anticipated annual Big Eat List (you can read about the 2013 list here). Many of the restaurants are city veterans but instead made the cut for interesting recipes they didn’t offer before. Surprisingly, bakeries seem to be the trendiest of eateries this year with spots like Bar Tartine, New Hollywood Bakery, B. Patisserie and Craftsman & Wolves all making the list.

After sifting through the list (multiple times), I’ve narrowed down the 100 restaurants to my top 15…although, if we’re being honest, my real list includes all 100.

SF Map 2014 Big Eat Final

Top Picks
1. Ichi Sushi ~ Omakase
2. Crafstman & Wolves ~ Rebel Within
3. La Ciccia ~ Spaghittusu cun allu ollu e bottariga
4. A16 ~ Squid Ink Tonnarelli
old favorite, new recipe
5. Swan Oyster Depot ~ Cracked Dungeness Crab
6. Liguria Bakery ~ Foccacia
7. Lt Waffle ~ Buckwheat Waffle,  Creme Fraiche & Salmon Roe
8. Chocolate Lab ~ Brownie à la Mode
9. Starbelly ~ Housemade Chicken Liver Pâté
10. Dandelion Chocolate ~ Papua New Guinea S’more
11. Izakaya Sozai ~ Takoyaki
12. Plow ~ Crispy Potatoes
13. Le Cavallier ~ Lamb Scrumpets
14. Bun Mee ~ Sloppy Bun with an Egg
15. NOPA ~ Custard French Toast
old favorite, new recipe

Old Favorites
Foreign Cinema ~ Mission Chinese ~ Farina ~Bi-Rite Creamery ~ State Bird Provisions ~ Park Tavern ~ Kokkari ~ Yank Sing ~ Bar Crudo ~ Burma Superstar ~ Beretta


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