Perfect Saturday

There are certain days that you look back on and realize they were absolutely perfect. Not because any one thing blew your mind or you went on some epic adventure that has been etched into your memory but simply because it was leisurely, casual and well, simple.

This past Saturday, after rolling out of bed at the lazy hour of 10am, a couple girlfriends and I wandered down to the Ferry Building’s Farmer’s Market and spent the better half of a couple hours snacking and sampling our way through the many stands that take over the Embarcadero plaza every weekend (reliable favorites are Sukhi’s Indian, Dirty Girl ProduceSaint Benoît and Cap n’ Mike’s Holy Smoke). After filling our stomachs, we proceeded onto to a little window and post-Christmas gift return shopping. If the day hadn’t already been a success for my appetite, I picked up “Bacon Nation” (available here), a cookbook of 125 mouth watering bacon-based recipes for my bacon-loving roommate.

{Endless fresh produce}

Afternoon Wine at Bluxome Street Winery}

Having decided to catch a late afternoon showing of Lone Survivor (after reading and loving the book last year, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the movie premiere), we had a few hours to kill. Steps away from Bluxome Street Winery, we decided it was only appropriate to stop in for a couple glasses of wine. We finished off the day with a delicious home cooked meal and headed to bed early to rest up for the Kaiser run on Sunday.

Like I said, the day itself was nothing of spectacular uniqueness (except for the bacon cookbook, of course), but the refreshing lack of schedule or plans made for a truly perfect weekend afternoon.

Give me sun, food, wine and a movie…and a happy girl I shall be.


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