Transition Booties

There are days when, as I look at my footwear options, I feel utterly uninspired by all my flats and all my heels (and sadly, going about the day barefoot simply isn’t an option). While I can usually find resolve in my favorite pair of Vince flats (probably because they’re black – let’s all pretend we’re not shocked), there are certainly times when ankle boots seem to be the only acceptable “accessory” to my wardrobe.

Not only are these trendy shoes versatile enough to pair with dresses, jeans or leggings, they’re beyond comfortable which is something I constantly struggle with in stiletto heels…I know, I know, “beauty is pain” but sometimes, ladies, beauty just is not worth the pain. Bring on the flip-flops.

As I tend to grab booties as a default option for whenever I’m running out to the store or to dinner, I’ve invested in a few different pairs (my favorite are Dolce Vita’s Java boot). I’m a big believer in the if-it-fits-buy-multiple-versions modo, so I’ve set out in search of some alternative options that transition well from day to night and unlike those fabulously gorgeous and undeniably painful heels, won’t kill your feet.

Transitional Booties

1. Dolce Vita Java Boot, $69
2. Rag & Bone Piper Lace Up Boot, $495
3. Stuart Weitzman Dallas Bootie, $278
4. Sam Edelman Lucille Boot, $80
5. Joie Dalton Camel Boot, $325


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