Running Alternatives

Running is a huge part of my life ( it used to be a cross training tool back in my rowing days but has now become my sole method of breaking a serious sweat). Nothing quite compares to the endorphins and clear head I get after pounding the pavement for an hour.


Unfortunately, logging miles on miles has also begun to take its toll on my knees…although I’ve been told that my non-logging of post-run stretching has probably contributed to said sore joints. In an effort to give my knees a rest while still stealing fitness, I’m determined to find some alternate sources of exercise that will help strengthen my body without the use of cement or treadmills. For someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy the act of yoga, this has proven a difficult task.

Dailey Method
A combinations of ballet, barre work, core conditioning and some yoga (I’ll work to get past this), this hour-long class is intended to lengthen, strengthen and align the whole body. An added bonus is its focus on orthopedic exercises – perfect for runners or just someone with chronic foot issues (check and check)
~ Price: $22/class, package deals available ~

Killer X Bootcamp at Crunch Gym
Crunch Gym offers a bootcamp class that is, as the name clearly states, killer. In just 60 minutes, you’ll get in some serious cardio (think lots of stairs), become best friends with the kettle bell and begin to believe that a 6-pack really is possible. On a good day, I think I see the beginnings of a 4-pack. Baby steps.
~ Price: free for members; $15/day pass ~

Core 40
This studio offers three different types of 40-minute classes (Core40, CoreCycle, CoreCombo). Choose from pure strength training, your standard cycling cardio, or a combo of both. The workouts are meant to be quick, intense and effective. Count me in.
~ Price: first class free, $35/Core40, $15/CoreCycle, package deals available ~

Dance Mission Theater
At the ripe age of 7 years old, my ballet teacher told me I was too tall to make it as a prima ballerina (at the time, I didn’t understand why a male ballet partner wouldn’t be able to lift someone twice their size). Since then, my skills in the dance arena have had little opportunity to flourish. Thankfully, this dance theater offers all level classes ranging from Hip Hop, to Samba, to Cuban Rumba. Maybe I can finally achieve that “dancer’s body”…or just learn two-step.
~ Price: $13/class; passes available ~

Of course, there’s always Soul Cycle which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, has become the newest addition to San Francisco’s workout scene.  At $30/class, it’s not the most cost effective way to break a sweat but with the crazy fit instructors, good jams and addictive grapefruit scented candles, you can justify anything, right?

Hmmm, maybe I’ll just go for a hike outside.


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