Exposed Brick

There is virtually no design involving exposed brick that I don’t go completely crazy for. The texture and color of the brick evoke both elegance and modernity while also being welcoming and cozy. As someone who has always sought to live in places with natural light, I’m particularly drawn to rooms that pair large windows, arched walls and high ceilings with an element of brick.

Growing up, our house was constantly evolving (an interior designers dream, if you will). I always joke that while our physical address never changed, I have lived in a dozen different homes (and called almost as many different rooms my bedroom during that same time period). That being said, amid changing rugs, furniture, paint colors and even layout, one thing remained constant: brick and beams were always an, if not the, underlying theme in the overall design aesthetic.

I’m looking forward to the day (somewhere in the very distant future) when I can take a sledge hammer to my own home and create a room like one of these.

Exposed Brick

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