Dress for Winter

In case you haven’t noticed (this is for all you San Franciscans), it’s the winter season…while the majority of our country is experiencing some of the coldest temperatures in decades, us Californians are “braving the winter chill” at a balmy 65 degrees.

That being said, surely Mother Nature will gift us with a little rain* in the coming months and I’d like to be prepared for said wet weather with the appropriate gear (please note: I don’t even own an umbrella. My roommate has grown increasingly frustrated each time I ask to borrow it when the clouds turn grey. I suppose this would make a good investment). If nothing less, a warm winter coat seems like timely a purchase, even if it isn’t 100% waterproof…after all, I want my new umbrella to come in handy too.

*Rain = snow = skiing = happiness

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 6.59.44 PM

1. Chianti Pleated Wool Coat, $465
2. Max Mara Feltre Coat, $2,355
3. Mythique Decorative Zip Coat, $430
4. Chloe Collar Coat, £1,250
5. Uniqulo Ultra Light Down Parka, $69.90
6. J. Crew Majesty Peacoat, $298 (on sale!)


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