Reading Break III: My 2014 Themes

While I don’t believe in New Years resolutions (as I stated last year, I don’t think a new year is the only time to warrant a new goal), I do believe in themes. This year, I’ve decided to learn how to embrace change and the discomforts that inherently arise from doing something foreign and new. This article, while published early last year, is ever relevant and a reminder of why pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone can lead to great success.

Hope everyone’s 2014 is off to a wonderful start!

photo (2)

In addition to making peace with change, I’m also looking forward to some of quality friend time, disconnecting from the constant immediacy of emails and focusing on the foods that fuel my body.

1 ~ Reconfirm the importance of a regular ladies night
2 ~ Go nuts for snacking – literally nuts
3 ~ Instead of using that five minutes of downtime to check my email, I’m going to try one of these alternatives
4 ~ Find a willpower role model: this study on the science of willpower suggests that it is a contagious force and change is made more successfully when one is surrounded by other like-minded people


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