Christmas Place Cards

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This year, my family is hosting Christmas Eve. We alternate between our house and my dad’s best friend’s place in Tiburon. Both men are Danes and while they tend to Americanize themselves over the course of the year, we all know that come this Eve, they will suit up (literally…they have worn the same matching outfits for 30 some years) to ensure the festivities are nothing but 100%  true to Danish tradition.

Said traditions include Flæskesteg with red cabbage and enough pork crackling to feed a small army, rice pudding with marzipan pigs and dancing around the Niessemand-topped tree…and this year, place cards for the ornately (we define “ornate” based on the originality of our elf napkin rings) decorated table.

Merry Christmas!


For these table settings, here is what you’ll need:

– A set of 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ folded place cards
Your local art store or Paper Source will carry these
– Glittery craft paper
– Mod Podge glue
– Colored Pencils
Stamps can also be used if you prefer not to hand write the guests’ name
– Fur Christmas tree branches, cut 1” in length
– Hair Dryer or Heat Embosser (found here)


Cut strips of glitter paper the length of the card and glue. Carefully coat the bottom 1/4”  of the tree branch with glue and press lightly into the top corner of the card. Cover the green twigs with a piece of paper (this will prevent the green color from turning brown as you apply heat) and using your heat embosser in 5-10 second increments, dry the glue.

Label each place card with your guests’ names and set the table!




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