For the Hostess: Gift Guide

It goes without saying that you should never arrive empty handed to a dinner, house warming or holiday party. While a nice bottle of wine is always appreciated (at least I’d like to think so as I’m 100% guilty of that always being my go-to party offering), the holidays offer the perfect excuse to mix up the traditional bottle of vino for something more fun.

Whether you’re headed to a white elephant party or looking for that perfect gift for your girlfriend who may as well have her last name changed to “Hostess,” here are some of my favorite finds this season.

Gift Guide for the Hostess

1 ~ Jonathan Adler Metallic Zebra Dish, $32
2 ~ Five Stripes Ana Candles, $24
3 ~ Jonathan Adler Santorini Althea Golden Eye Vase, $125
4 ~ Williams Sonoma Ruffoni Copper Fondue Pot, $325
5 ~ Kate Spade Fairmont Park Neon Coasters, $40


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