City Sips

Cellar View Sonoma

When I go out, I usually plan my night around a dinner spot rather than one of the city’s many cocktail, beer or wine bars. With a few work happy hours approaching and many an open weekend in the foreseeable future, I’ve carved out a list of places known for their drink assortment and social atmosphere (I wouldn’t be disappointed if they offered some tasty bar snacks either…just no communal nut bowl please. Those will never be appetizing).

Bergerac ~
New to the SOMA neighborhood, this bar even categorizes its drink menu: Approachable, Complex, High Octane, Low Octane and Social

~ The Cavallier ~
From the team that brought us Park Tavern & Marlowe, I’m already a fan of this place (if their drinks are half as fantastic as Park Tavern’s deviled eggs, I may become a regular here). While they offer a traditional Pimm’s Cup & Gin and Tonic, I’m looking forward to trying the Barrister and the Whiz Bang

~ Cafe Terminus ~
Located at the end of the California Street cable car line, this take-out-sandwich spot by day becomes a Parisian-train-terminal-inspired bar by night. Probably a node the traditional European apéritif, their menu has a heavy pastis and absinthe focus

…And to appease the creature of habit in me, here are some of my tried-and-true favorites:

~ Bar Agricole ~
~ 15 Romolo ~
~ Press Club ~
~ Southern Pacific Brewing ~


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