DIY Facial Scrub

There’s something calming about walking through a CVS or Walgreens – maybe it’s because everything is perfectly organized (I’m becoming increasingly OCD about this in my “old age”) but I often find myself aimlessly wandering the aisles when all I really need is nail polish remover.

facial scrub

I swear by Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne Wash but have recently decided that my routine is lacking a twice weekly exfoliation regime. So, in true fashion, I headed to my neighborhood drug store only to be completely overwhelmed by the gazillion different types of facial scrub. After walking out empty-handed, and utterly disappointed in my inability to make a decision, I’ve looked into quite a few DIY scrubs and am excited to try out some of these options:

~ Exfoliate + Deep Clean Scrub ~
~ Oatmeal Lavender Scrub ~

While not a scrub, this coffee-based mask is perfect for reviving any tired face after a Saturday night out on the town.

Combine any of these with some bubble bath salts and candles (…maybe a little glass of wine too) and you have yourself a full-on spa experience at a fraction of the cost.


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