Vanilla Bean Cake


If you haven’t noticed, desserts, much like handbags, follow trends. Be it cupcakes, macaroons or the most recent fad, cronuts, there always seems to be an in-season sweet. Sadly, amid all the hype around these trendy treats, I feel like the simplicity of a plain old cake has been forgotten. Birthdays, weddings and graduations aside, cakes are rarely chosen for, well, anything else.

When I found out a friend of mine had quite the baking past (think: her own cake business), I begged her to spend the afternoon teaching me how to make a real cake – not that Funfetti out of a box isn’t completely legitimate and delicious. The cake batter itself, a clean vanilla, was pretty basic but the “decorating for dummies” teach in was especially helpful. This isn’t to say that I’m ready to rival Martha Stewart in the kitchen just yet, but at least I have a beautiful cake to enjoy….and I didn’t even have to wait for someone’s birthday to eat it.

Hope you enjoy!


Frosting Tip: After frosting, place in the freezer. In the meantime, place frosting knife in a boiling cup of water. Remove cake from freezer and using the hot knife, smooth out all the edges and top of the cake. The heat of the knife will soften the cold frosting, allowing you to remove any ridges or unwanted clumps.


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