San Francisco Sushi

This isn’t the first time I’ve complained about the lack of authentic sushi available in SF (you can read about my favorite Oakland spot here). For a city surrounded by water and home to an overwhelmingly large foodie population, you’d think the options would be endless. Sadly, I’ve found relatively few places that serve the type of sushi that tastes freshly caught and melts in your mouth. 

Domo Sushi

After a very extensive and dedicated search (my daily consumption of tuna sashimi is only restricted by the fact that mercury poisoning is, in fact, a medically proven disease), I’ve created a short, but trustworthy list of go-to sushi spots that won’t disappoint. Before venturing out, this recent 7×7 article offers some great tips on how to eat sushi the right way…next time, I will definitely pay more attention to the quality of the rice!

511 Laguna St

Elephant Sushi
1916 Hyde Street

Zushi Puzzle
1910 Lombard Street

Here are some of the spots that I’m still dying to try:

Ichi Sushi
3369 Mission Street

 Ino Sushi
22 Peace Plaza, Suite 510

Kiss Seafood
1700 Laguna Street


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