B Star Bar

Last weekend, a few girlfriends and I ventured out to the Inner Richmond for some delicious Burmese inspired food at B Star. I still couldn’t tell you exactly what qualifies as Burmese cuisine but there was definitely a strong lentil, ginger and veggie theme going on.

B Star

Split between five of us, we ordered a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes, the unanimous favorites of which were the Tea Leaf Salad appetizer (an interesting combination of ginger, shrimp, jalapeno and fish sauce) and the ox tail entrée.

When given the dessert menu, we almost hesitated (emphasis on the almost) before ordering the winning dish of the night: black rice pudding with coconut ice cream. Given my blatant, self-proclaimed hatred of anything coconut, I was shocked to find myself enjoying, and scarfing down, this delicious plate.

I keep meaning to visit B Star’s sister restaurant, Burma Superstar…after this dinner, it has been bumped up to the top of my list.

B Star
127 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA


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