Bar Crudo

As I slowly eat my way through 7×7’s 2012 Big Eat List (I still have quite a bit of work to do before they release the 2013 winners!), my personal list of favorite spots has gotten unacceptably long.

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 10.26.26 PM

As of last night, my vote for best seafood restaurant goes to Bar Crudo. Located on the corner of Divisadero & Grove, Bar Crudo is set away from the typically foodie Mission area and offers an intimate dining experience. We arrived a little early to our 8pm reservation and decided to grab a drink to hold us over. While there wasn’t ample standing room near the bar, the extensive beer and wine selection quickly distracted us from the lack of space.

We came hungry and made sure to order accordingly.

Raw Menu

Arctic Char with horseradish, crème fraiche, wasabi tobiko, dill
Butterfish with apples, pear vinaigrette, beer saffron caviar

Cold Menu

Lobster Beet Salad, burrata cheese, pistachios, arugula, banyuls vinaigrette

Hot Menu

Seafood Chowder
Hamachi Collar
Whole Roasted Branzino

Not a huge beer drinker (I normally opt for wine or a bitter cocktail), I was surprised to have discovered a new favorite sour: Duchesse De Bourgogne Red Ale.

If you are even the slightest fan of seafood, Bar Crudo will not disappoint.


655 Divisadero, San Francisco


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