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This holiday season, my friend and I decided to take a “homemade” approach to gift giving. We decided that given our combined love for Italy and a good cocktail, Limoncello would be the perfect treat. Using this recipe, all you need are lemons, vodka, sugar and few mason jars, which you can buy at almost any craft store for about $5.

Peel strips of lemon zest from the lemons and place zest and vodka in a large, airtight container. Let it sit for at least two days, though it will actually benefit from sitting a bit longer. Once you’re ready to bottle your cocktail, stir sugar and boiling water until sugar is dissolved. Add this mixture to the vodka and lemon zest and divide evenly among your mason jars.

If you’re using them for gifts, pick up a few labels for your yummy concoction so the lucky recipient knows what they’re getting!


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