State Bird Provisions

State Bird

After waiting two months for a reservation, we finally made our way to State Bird Provisions last Thursday night. Since being crowned America’s Best New Restaurant by Bon Appetit, ‘State Bird’ has become a household name within the foodie community (as has the term ‘hipster dim-sum’).

Nestled in a very unassuming building right off Geary and Fillmore, the restaurant itself is cozy, only large enough to hold a few at the bar and another fifteen tables in the back. Piggy-backing on the ever popular dim-sum style dining experience, State Bird offers many small dishes, rolled around on carts and priced anywhere from $3-$12. My favorite? The seafood salsa with mussels, clams and scallops. For those more in favor of a familiar appetizer-main coure-dessert, they also offer a traditional a-la-carte menu. Must get’s on that list? The sourdough, sauerkraut, pecorino & ricotta pancake and grilled beef salad with maitake, brussels sprouts & umeboshi vinaigrette.

Never one to resist a sweet finish to dinner, we ordered four different desserts (we were very ambitious). While the holiday season lent itself well to a delicious eggnog ice cream, I think I’ll stick to the savory menu next time I visit.

I suggest going with 4 or 5 people in order to taste as many dishes as possible. With all the new restaurants popping up around the city, I’ve grown used to planning ahead in order to snag a table. Thankfully, the wait was very worthwhile.

State Bird Provisions
1529 Fillmore
San Francisco, CA


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