Holiday Gift Inspiration: J.Crew

I’m always hesitant to make gift guides for the holidays – I feel like your list either agrees with people or it doesn’t. Gifts are so personal that a one-guide-for-all somehow takes the allure away from the gift giving process. However, after perusing the J.Crew site for the past few days, I couldn’t help but put a very inspired (they should put a limit on how many items one is allowed to hold in their shopping cart) list of gifts together.

If nothing else, I hope the sparkle and color flare of these goodies puts you in the seasonal and spirited mood of giving!

Happy Shopping!

 jcrew gift guide

~ Tartine Tote ~
~ Lula Flats ~
~ Wool Angora Scarf ~
~ Wide Bangle ~
~ Flyrap Earrings ~
~ Eddie Purse ~
~ Cashmere sweater ~


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