Head Count: Party Planning

In prepartion for the debut of that perfectly cooked turkey on one of America’s favorite holidays,  I’m planning an early Thanksgiving feast for friends to practice some recipes (…and how not to burn down the kitchen). The RSVP list is ticking up by the day and I’m hoping the final number falls somewhere between 12-15.

Sadly, as the attendee list increases, so do my fears of having enough food and drinks for everyone. With just about any answer posted somewhere on that little thing called Google, I figured there must also be someone out there who, like me, is completley clueless as to how much turkey, stuffing, pie and wine to serve at a party.

Here are couple helpful tools to calculate just how much you’ll really need to prepare to ensure your guests don’t go home hungry!

~ For appetizers, entrées, desserts and drinks, click here ~
~ For the purley thirty guests at your party, click here ~


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