Bourbon & Branch

Recently, I’ve taken quite the liking to cocktails (though I haven’t reached the “I’m dying to take a mixology class and master the knowledge of fine liquor” stage just yet).

This isn’t to say I haven’t always liked the occasional gin or vodka drink – though in my opinion, whiskey straight up will usually do the trick – but I’d consider myself more of a die-hard wine girl. While I can’t say that will ever change, maybe I could also learn to be a die-hard cocktail girl…or at the very least, a loyal consumer.

In true fashion, we  made a reservation at Bourbon & Branch last night and took to trying our taste buds at a handful of different drinks. Nothing quite says night out on the town like four ladies sipping on a Citizen Cane, Rye Whiskey Smash, Long Way Home and a Naughty Sundress (a very naughty drink that I highly recommend).

Who’s in for round two?

Make a reservation ahead of time for a table at the main bar or stop by without one and have a drink in the library.

Bourbon & Branch
San Francisco, CA


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