One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced since moving to San Francisco is finding that perfect sushi spot. I’ve managed to find a couple to satisfy the craving (Zushi Puzzle in the Marina is pretty delicious) but I still have yet to discover that perfect spot.

Shocking as it may sound, Oakland offers one of my favorite Japanese restaurants: Kakui Sushi. It’s often the only place my family and I go out for dinner if we just don’t feel like cooking.

Just a little snapshot of our most recent meal….

If you have the time to make the trip across the Bay Bridge, Kakui will not disappoint. A self-taught sushi lover, I have some absolute obsessions on the menu…

Soup & Salad ::: Suimono & Sarada
Beet Salad with wasabi vinagrette sauce
Heirloom tomato salad, asian greens, truffle ponzu
Shishito, grilled japanese peppers, sweet miso soup

Sushi ::: Rolls
Four Seasons
Hot Tina
Oakland A’s

Kakui Sushi
2060 Mountain Blvd
Oakland, CA 94611


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