A Red, White and Blue Celebration

As most of us have now realized, this year, the 4th of July inconveniently falls in the middle of the work week. While not the most ideal of timing for those of us hoping to take an extended weekend away, don’t let it stop you from enjoying a festive day of celebrations!

Whether you’re planning to join in on one of the many parades, host a full-blown bash of your own or just kick back in the sunshine, remember to sport your red, white and blue.

If you’re in need of some decorating or dining inspiration, I’ve found some simple DIY (…or buy it for very cheap!) ideas to ensure a day of relaxation and freedom.

Sparkling Açaí Sangria


DIY Cocktail Glasses
Grab an empty jam jar, some old string and a little artistic flair for the label
…use it to hold just about any cocktail you can imagine

Pretzel Sparklers

…Or maybe you’d prefer a Patriotic Parfait

These West Elm candle torches may not rival the actual firecrackers, but they’ll keep the party alive as the sun sets.



Sparkling Açaí Sangria
Pretzel Sparklers
Patriotic Parfait


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