Italian Getaway

Situated on Lake Como, a famously romantic getaway just north of Milan, the Villa d’Este Hotel offers a seamless combination of scenic views, luxurious amenities and old world charm. Originally built in 1568 and transformed into a hotel during the late 1800s, I find myself lost in a day dream of the lavish parties and royal vacations once spent on these grounds.

The heat and quiet business lull of summer always inspires the need for a vacation escape and I’m fairly certain I’ve just found the perfect spot.  

Having spent many vacations in Venice and Rome, it’s time I explore some of the country’s other gems. I think I’d feel right at home sipping a glass of Prosecco on the veranda of this picturesque hotel. Join me?

Sadly, with no time to visit Italy this summer, I’ll simply have to add it to my bucket list…and pretend Lake Tahoe is the Lake Como of California.

Villa d’Este
Via Regina, 40
22012 Cernobbio
T: +39 031 3481


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