Twenty Five Lusk

After my recent post on its architectural allure, I had to find out if the food held the same appeal. Verdict? It did indeed.

We started with the california yellowtail sashimi, ginger puree, fig leaf oil and chive flowers. If you go, this is a must. The flowers somehow make the entire dish pop.

For the main course:

Hangtown Fry – fried oysters, bacon, gruyere, thyme, roasted garlic, farm eggs
Summer Squash Fritatta – sweet 100 tomatoes, wild arugula, truffle emulsion
Lobster Benedict – poached eggs, crispy prosciutto, sauce hollandaise, main lobster
Chicken Fried Quail – porcini mushroom pancakes, dark kumquat sauce

Clearly a fan of eggs, I was very impressed with the fritatta and hangtown fry. For the lobster lovers, you can rarely go wrong with eggs benedict – and Twenty Five Lusk certainly didn’t.

25 Lusk Street, San Francisco; T: 415.495.5875


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