The House

Ask anyone and they will tell you, I am not the greatest chef. I am certainly not a famed food critic. I am, however, a lover of delicious food, a trait that bodes well for anyone living in the Bay Area and willing to explore the many restaurants (or the new fade that are food trucks) our city has to offer.

For those who consider themselves like me, a foodie but not a connoisseur, the difference between paprika and cayenne may not be instinctive and instructions to bake, baste or braise, often confusing. But eat, taste and enjoy, I can do and hope to share my favorites discoveries with you.

First stop: The House. A cozy restaurant off Columbus and Broadway, it’s just big enough for the filing plates of Asian-fusion food served each night. I will eat almost anything with ginger, soy or wasabi, so naturally with dishes like grilled sea bass with garlic ginger sauce, wasabi noodles or their famous black code in miso broth, I wanted to order three of everything on the menu. The seared scallops and deep fried salmon rolls were the perfect appetizer to precede my main course of seared ahi tuna. Having gone with a close ‘foodie’ friend of mine, we couldn’t pass up dessert, opting for the warm pumpkin pie. Never one to turn down something sweet, it definitely satisfied my daily sugar requirement but my next trip back will likely involve a third miso/ginger/wasabi appetizer in place of dessert.

If you’re planning to go, also plan to make a reservation. Tight quarters make it tough for walk-ins.

1230 Grant Ave, San Francisco. T: 415.986.8612


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